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I have been so busy, the blog has been neglected!  I am creating this blog post to make an announcement of sorts.  I have to this point done almost all products as made to order.  This year I will be branching out into smaller scale merchandise and offering some goods as immediate shipment products.
The first such endeavor will be my partnership with Trophy Clothing.  I need to rewind a bit, as I explain my journey with Trophy Clothing products.  I ordered my first garment from Trophy Clothing 2.5 years ago.  It is a black flannel shirt.  I loved it from the first moment I pulled it out of the package.  Super soft flannel material with many very interesting very subtle details.  After that I got their signature denim, the "Dirt Denim" in a vintage fit that is a bit more relaxed fit, with plenty of room to move around in.  Again, fell in love with the garment.  The fabric has many imperfections which Japanese milled old loom produced selvedge denim fabric is known for.  On top of that, again, the little subtle details that I love.  The pants are also not a true jean, more of a chino jean combo which is the favorite kind of pants I love.  
Fast forward to now.  After planning to branch out for a while into carrying some limited quantity heritage high quality merchandise, I decided this brand Tropy Clothing very much fits the aesthetic of what I want to offer to people that look to me for clothing inspiration.  All that said, Trophy Clothing and I have agreed to partner and I will be a distributor/seller of select Trophy Clothing garments.  A perfect brand to partner with since their garments so closely match my preferences on unique subtle details along with fantastic quality.  I am so excited about this partnership!  Please check my site as new goods will be made available as I branch out into various Trophy Clothing garments.  Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about any of the garments I sell or Trophy Clothing sells.
Finally, I will not be doing this with many brands.  Trophy Clothing is a perfect brand for me to partner with since they have the staple garments I love (denim, heritage, workwear) but also a few unique twists on garments I would not normally sell, but are great values and very high quality.  It allows me to branch out into some garment types I would not normally sell.  I will also partner with a very select few creators for limited merchandise stock.  It will be the usual suspects of partners I already work with (Whiskey Leatherworks, Skinner American Goods, Franks Boots, et cetera) but possibly a few more.  This will allow me to concentrate on a small but manageable number of super high quality things for you the customer, without wait lead times.  Made to order will continue to be available as well, but these new in stock ready to ship merchandise options will be offered from time to time for the people that do not like waits.  Reach out with any questions or product suggestions and also thanks for your support!  Please check out the new things on the site.  


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