Heritage Quality Goods x Frank's Boots "Maxon Boot"

I am proud to bring the new “Maxon Boot” to market!!


This boot design and partnership with the Frank's Boot crew has been a wonderful experience and we are just getting started!  Thanks to Junior and Frank on the fitment.  And an extra special thanks to Michelle as my contact and design partner.


The Maxon Boot starts off with Frank’s Boots. If you haven’t heard of Frank’s Boots, they are a Pacific Northwest boot maker that specializes in work boots for forestry, wildfire, and general heavy duty physical work. Their boots also include a heritage lineup that can double as work or casual boots. Either lineup is overbuilt for usage and will last a lifetime if taken care of for anything you can throw at them except the most absurd of usages.


After designing some boots in the past, I especially wanted to work with Frank’s Boots as they have been great at sticking to the basic roots of the company and what Pacific Northwest Boot crafting is all about – ruggedness! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it so to speak. What this means is they do not cut corners and they have an excellent crew of boot makers that hand crafts each boot with precision and care. They make a great product at a truly silly cost point when you look at what you get for the money and how long their boots last coupled with the rebuildable nature of their products (resoles possible, complete rebuilds possible). So what you get as a customer is a top notch overbuilt high quality boot at a more than fair price point that can last you a life time if you treat the boots right. I call these “lifetime boots”.


The design builds on the Frank’s Boots basic Wilshire boot lineup. There are four tow box options for Frank’s Boots and this boot uses option 3 toe box. This is the second widest toe box option. A celastic toe box is used along with a cap toe with double row stitching.


From there a specialty leather (as compared to the Frank’s Boots “standard work leather” options) is used. This is USA made Horween Predator Steel leather. It is gray in nature. But in the right light it can actually appear as several different colors depending on the lighting. This ranges from a dark brown looking hue to a medium to dark gray hue to a black hue to a dark olive green hue. It adds a lot of character to the leather in a sense you can really wear this leather and boot with any type of outfit whether it is brown toned or black toned. Very versatile from a styling perspective. But more importantly, it is a durable Horween leather with combination chrome and veg tanning process. A similar process to chromexel, but without the surface color that can be scratched or worn off. Instead it has a good amount of oily pullup nature and also that buffability where it can be scratched or nicked, but you can brush or rub the leather and work the oils to the surface and the scratches and nicks basically disappear like magic.  This boot will use a 5.5 - 6 oz exterior Horween Predator leather and a 3.5 oz interior liner.  Here is the official leather description from Horween:

"Horween Predator leather is combination tanned and blends the durability of a chrome tanned base with a heavy vegetable re-tannage. It then incorporates a rich blend of waxes to create a tonal appearance of the leather which will burnish over time and create a rich patina.
- subtle pull up effect
- great for footwear
- available in 3.5-4 oz, 4-5 oz, and 5-6 oz"


The aesthetics of the boot consist of several distinct components. Besides each boot having a unique unto itself variation and character due to the leather, there is a black accents theme including black hooks and eyelets, black upper stitching, black rolled top, buttery soft black tongue leather and of course the black Vibram 700 rubberized traction outsole. The stitchdown thread is thicker white in tone along with a natural midsole finish to contrast nicely with the gray leather and black accents. The finishing touches are the Frank’s Boots leather stamp on the outside boot upper along with a Heritage Quality Goods leather stamp on the inside leather upper. All of this combines to create a boot that is easily matchable to any kind of outfit you might want to wear and usable for any activity from a night on the town to a rugged hike in the mountains. For those of you that have a hard time choosing between a 6” or an 8” height, we have you covered and offer both options! The prototype boot is an 8” height.


As I mentioned before, these are overbuilt. Wear them hard, enjoy how they uniquely age to your lifestyle and activities. If the sole wears out Frank’s has you covered and can do a resole or a rebuild. Enjoy these boots and pass them down to your children (if they fit!)!


Last but not least in details. We will be giving back to a charitable cause. With every sale of a pair of boots a donation will be made to a charity that supports Autism. Doing our part to help. Thanks for your support!


To order this boot please go to the Frank's Boots website under the collaborations menu:



Heritage Quality Goods x Frank’s Boots “Maxon” Boot Specifications

  • Wilshire Boot
  • 8” or 6” height
  • Horween Predator Steel premium leather 5.5 - 6 ounces
  • Inner leather liner 3.5 ounces
  • Toe cap with double row stitching
  • Black hooks and eyelets
  • Black upper stitching
  • Black rolled top
  • Black tongue leather
  • McKay stitched
  • Celastic toe
  • Dogger heel
  • Natural midsole finish
  • Vibram black 700 “V-Bar” sole
  • Frank’s Boots outer brand stamp
  • Heritage Quality Goods inner brand stamp

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