Hello From Heritage Quality Goods!


I’m Dave, the one person behind this brand and website.

Somebody recently asked me how I got into the heritage style, work wear, durable and quality goods genre.  For me, the answer to that question is really easy.  In college I worked with my father and did construction and landscaping work to help pay my way through college.  This is not the only job I had before and during college, but it easily built the most character in me by doing very difficult manual labor.  During this work, I wore Levis denim and Redwing logger work boots.  While working and wearing these boots and denim, I quickly started to appreciate how much abuse they could take day in and day out on a job site.  Nothing lasts forever in extreme conditions, but these goods lasted a lot longer than I would have expected.  Since then, I have always appreciated finely crafted quality and durable goods.

Fast forward to now.  I don’t do construction work anymore.  But I do have a nice little chunk of land I do manual labor on.  All sorts of things including tree cleanup and wood chopping, mowing of acres, weed whacking, landscaping, chicken chores, wood working/crafting, lots of fires to clean up debris and subsequent fire pit cleaning, brush control by our creek (I don’t want snakes to be able to hide in tall brush while the kids play back there), things like that.  While I do this kind of stuff, it is a pretty interesting testing ground for lots of things I consider durable and quality goods.  I like to see how these things age while I use them casually and also for some physical work activities.  There is just something beautiful about how a finely crafted good ages over time.

I will be making blog posts from time to time to highlight some of these things I have aged and that I love.  I also on this website will be selling some goods here and there.  I don’t make a living on this stuff, but I do sell some things I think any person that likes finely crafted goods would appreciate owning and watching the aging process specific to their life.  So enjoy some blogging and if you like something and want to know more about it, definitely reach out to chat. Also, I am pretty active with photos on Instagram so you can check out that content too!

@RuggedWorkwear on Instagram

Talk to you soon!


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